Susanne Diemer i dagens Berlingske

March 31, 2020
Hun blev kritiseret for sin holdning til Danmarks håndtering af coronavirussen – nu har hendes forudsigelser vist sig at holde stik. I februar satte sikkerhedsekspert Susanne Diemer spørgsmålstegn ved Danmarks håndtering af coronavirus. Sundhedsstyrelsen afviste hendes kritik, mens en fremtrædende læge kaldte hendes udmeldelser »dommedagsprofetier«.…

DR podcast med omtale af Susanne Diemer

March 29, 2020
I DR´s nyhedspodcast ”Genstart: One Man Corona-Band” fortæller journalisten Asger Juhl om mediernes dækning af Corona-virussen og om Susanne Diemers anbefalinger og reaktionerne derpå. Hør hele udsendelsen her.

COVID19-Record of Achievement

March 16, 2020
COVID-19 Operational Planning Guidelines and COVID-19 Partners Platform to support country preparedness and response.

Top 10 Security Company

February 14, 2020
Praesidio Group is shortlisted on the CIO Bulletin 2020 the “10 Best Security Companies” globally. Susanne Skov Diemer, founder and CEO, tells how Praesidio Group is challenging the status-quo of the industry and the current risks the world is facing. Read the article here. To see…

Lars Seier post

February 2, 2020
Jeg er desværre enig med Susanne Diemer. Indtil videre undervurderer vi tilsyneladende i Danmark omfanget af den risiko,… Slået op af Lars Seier Christensen i Søndag den 2. februar 2020  

10 most Influential Companies 2019

October 1, 2019
Praesidio Group is listed on the CIO Bulletin “10 Most Influential Companies 2019”. In a featured article, CEO Susanne Diemer tells one of the ironies of security businesses is that they could never market their victories, because the majority of them will be confidential. Pillars that guard…

Trailblazing companies to watch: Praesidio Group

August 12, 2019
Praesidio Group is featured in “The Trailblazing Companies to Watch: 2019” by The Enterprise World.  To read the full article, click here

Praesidio – securing the Cyber Sphere

July 27, 2019
Praesidio Group is one of the leading companies today and sharing her journey of struggles and success is CEO & Founder Susanne Skov Diemer, who aimed high. She was driven by a similar mindset to create a professional security company who has the knowledge of various…

The 10 Disruptive Companies Beyond Workplaces

July 4, 2019
Praesidio Group and CEO and Founder Susanne Diemer are featured in “Beyond Exclamation”, who has assembled the journey of selected influential personages and their disruptive companies. Click here to read the full article on how to secure the cyber sphere.

The weakest link: The supply chain security

June 24, 2019
Today’s increasing and evolving global threats are strong indications for companies to re-evaluate and reinforce their supply chain security. Praesidio Group guides companies seeking to heighten their supply chain security through enhanced facility defense, secure freight containers, and employee vetting, as examples of identifying and…

Praesidio Group among the 30 Most Reputable Companies of 2019

April 24, 2019
Read more about the bulwark against security and cyber threats in an interview with CEO Susanne Skov Diemer in The Silicon Review by clicking here

Praesidio Academy World Wide Open

March 11, 2019
We are pleased to announce that “Praesidio Academy” is now open worldwide! This international elite academy for special operations training and high performance has been exclusively for a closed circle of Special Forces. Now, with threats and risks increasing on a global scale, we are…

Cyber Security: Vulnerability & Protection

October 2, 2017
The risk of hacking, exploitation and sabotage remains an ever-increasing occurrence. Praesidio Group has developed ‘Cybercheck’ to enhance business, cyber and information security resilience, providing a diverse and risk mitigating service portfolio designed to ensure the protection of critical business IT assets and sensitive data.…

Introducing Praesidio’s Training Department

April 13, 2017
The demand for security training due to terrorism, security threats, espionage and fraud is of current and increasing significance. Improved preventative methods through training, and a better understanding of the ability to be reactive is crucial in reinforcing employment, public safety activities, duty of care,…

Praesidio opens an international office in London

March 9, 2017
We are pleased to announce the opening of a new office in the UK to better serve our growing international UK based cliental and introducing new focus areas: Female bodyguards, “The Secure Nanny Programme” and sport & event risk management. “We look forward to further…

EU project launches with Praesidio Group

January 26, 2017
The EU sound and city venture, MONICA has officially kicked off this week with all 28 partners gathered in Bonn.   

Praesidio Group er sikkerhedspartner på innovativt EU projekt

December 2, 2016
EU projektet MONICA er Danmarkshistoriens største offentligt-privat lyd- og sikkerhedsprojekt med en finansiering på 125 mio. kr., heraf 112 mio. kr. fra EU. “Det er et betydningsfuldt og innovativt projekt, som vi er glade for og stolte over at være en del af. Praesidio Group…

New EU project with Praesidio Group as security partner

November 30, 2016
Praesidio Group has been appointed sole security advisor and partner of the large-scale EU funded project “MONICA” that aims to reduce the high level of sound and noise, maximize security and minimize risks at large events in Europe. The sound and city venture kicks off…

Sikkerhed for udsatte velhavere

September 2, 2016
Velhavende familier lever med en stigende frygt og risici for at blive ofre for kriminalitet. Derfor lancerer Praesidio Group nu ”Residential Security”, et specialdesignet sikkerhedsprogram for familier i Danmark og udland. ”Det har i mange år været udbredt blandt kriminelle i udlandet at gå målrettet…

Introducing “Residential Security”

September 2, 2016
The darker side of wealth and spotlight are the associated and growing risks. Expats, families in the spotlight and wealthy families are more vulnerable to certain risks – theft, fraud, extortion and other security risks. Therefore Praesidio Group is launching a new “Secure & Safe Family…