Book release

September 8, 2020

CEO Susanne Skov Diemer has published a modern crisis survival guide in Danish on how to prepare for a crisis – “Prepare yourself best for the worst” (Forbered dig bedst på det værste). 

Prevention, preparedness and awareness are key in this modern step-by-step survival guide on how to stay safe and (relatively) sane in case of a crisis, emergency or disaster: A cyber or terror attack, national catastrophe or something as simple as a breakdown in our electrical power supply. How can we contribute to the safety and well being of ourselves and loved ones with all the Dos & Don’ts and the stories behind them. With this book, the reader gains a crucial awareness of potential threats and an understanding of what we can all do to prepare ourselves, and why and how we can take responsibility in order to better get through current and future crisis together. Susanne Skov Diemer also shares anecdotes, recommendations and experiences from her extensive career in the international security and management elite.

The book is available here (in Danish).
An international version in English is in the making.
To pre-order it, please e-mail