Podcast preparation interview

March 12, 2024

The Danish Radio 4 takes a closer look at the short-term and long-term consequences the unstable world situation has had on Danish security policy, and interviews Susanne Skov Diemer about preparation and the biggest threats she sees: Power supply breakdown and attacks on critical infrastructure.

”We have to worry about the domino effects that can unfold. And it is possible that we won’t have access to food the same way as we have had in the past. So there might be some things, where we think ‘it doesn’t matter, it’s not our everyday life’. But if we don’t want to think about the domino effect ourselves, then we have to listen to others who do”.

“We cannot expect our emergency services to be at the forefront all the time. They work very hard – the police, fire, rescue, etc., but also all the volunteers we have  in Home Guard, The Danish Emergency Management Agency, and Danish Civil Protection League. Every day, they do amazing work and we as Danes should be very grateful for that. However, I am also fully aware that they are limited by budgets”.

Listen to the podcast (in Danish)