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From breach to bridge
Praesidio Group is the bridge over the grey areas, the gaps, and the danger zones.
Bridges between areas of great risks; IT, security, and vetting/HR.

We assist boards and management with the right (IT) security strategy and handling, also in the unclear minefield between IT, security and HR/compliance.
We combine expertise within IT, IT security/cyber security with the more traditional security, intelligence and risks management expertise, adding vetting, HR and consulting into the service and expertise.  The security specialists, the IT specialists, the Vetting/HR screeners, and the in-betweens. We work on & off and, under & above the radar to assure that breaches and risks are reduced.24/7.

Services in relation to IT include (but not limited to)

    • Covering the necessary security level
    • Selection of compliance (ISO, Corbit, UN, GDPR, etc.)
    • Cloud vs. on premise
    • NIS2 validation
    • GDPR sparring
    • CISO sparring
    • ITSM sparring
    • Project evaluation and monitoring
    • Project management and safety management vs project management
    • “Hard to handle” tasks
    • ERP security, incl. SOD
Subset of services

      • Supplier selection based on professional & technical qualities
      • Validation/Vetting of employees, contractors, subcontractors & consultants responsible for (IT) security internally & externally
      • 2nd opinion for the board, CIO, CISO, CFO and/or CEO
      • Organizational sparring (location of security tasks and distribution between intensities)
      • Group security globally (excl. Iran, North Korea, Belarus, and Russia)
      • “Hard to handle” situations
      • Managing compromised situations
      • Drone safety
      • IOT security
      • DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)
      • Whistleblower schemes & systems (and handling)

From security breaches to security bridges. Please contact us for further information and input on how we can assist you with areas of risks.

Susanne Skov Diemer
Founder & CEO

Martin Schulze
Security & IT Partner

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