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From breach to bridge
Praesidio Group is the bridge over the grey areas, the gaps, and the danger zones.
Bridges between areas of great risks; IT, security, and vetting/HR.

We assist boards and management with the right (IT) security strategy and handling, also in the unclear minefield between IT, security and HR/compliance.
We combine expertise within IT, IT security/cyber security with the more traditional security, intelligence and risks management expertise, adding vetting, HR and consulting into the service and expertise.  The security specialists, the IT specialists, the Vetting/HR screeners, and the in-betweens. We work on & off and, under & above the radar to assure that breaches and risks are reduced.24/7.

Services in relation to IT include (but not limited to)

    • Covering the necessary security level
    • Selection of compliance (ISO, Corbit, UN, GDPR, etc.)
    • Cloud vs. on premise
    • NIS2 validation
    • GDPR sparring
    • CISO sparring
    • ITSM sparring
    • Project evaluation and monitoring
    • Project management and safety management vs project management
    • “Hard to handle” tasks
    • ERP security, incl. SOD
Subset of services

      • Supplier selection based on professional & technical qualities
      • Validation/Vetting of employees, contractors, subcontractors & consultants responsible for (IT) security internally & externally
      • 2nd opinion for the board, CIO, CISO, CFO and/or CEO
      • Organizational sparring (location of security tasks and distribution between intensities)
      • Group security globally (excl. Iran, North Korea, Belarus, and Russia)
      • “Hard to handle” situations
      • Managing compromised situations
      • Drone safety
      • IOT security
      • DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)
      • Whistleblower schemes & systems (and handling)

From security breaches to security bridges. Please contact us for further information and input on how we can assist you with areas of risks.