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People = Possibilities + Risk.
Your organisation develops the possibilities, we help you mitigate the risks

Never underestimate the importance of the human impact on your company’s security scope. Security is about people and only by including people, can you protect your company’s know-how, research and confidential information.

Praesidio Group has extensive and in-depth knowledge and international experience within the field of Security Screening, Vetting and Validation.

We conduct staff assurance that entails vetting and screening of potential or current employees, freelance and contracted staff, among others, as well as searches and recruitment of outstanding and trusted staff and key management and partnerships.

Our Screening, Vetting & Validation programme provides comprehensive solutions to ensure appropriate screening is completed, and maintaining the quality and strength of the checks.

The Praesidio Group´s staff has an unique combination of experience within Security Screening & Vetting, Information Validation, Investigative Interviews, HR & Global Executive Search, business and journalism.

We assist executive recruitment companies and government agencies in staff vetting and handling the screening and interviewing candidates as well a s current employees and partners.

We work in close partnership with management and HR departments and customise our services in full accordance with local and international legislation. We work as a complementary prime partner ensuring cost efficiency and risk reduction.

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