The word Praesidio in latin means ‘to protect‘ – the foundation of Praesidio Group
Praesidio Group protects people, assets, & information – on and under the radar.
We serve to deliver optimal security, intelligence & risk solutions to corporations, NGO’s,
individuals, family operated companies, and governmental authorities around the world.


Praesidio Group is a private security firm dedicated to changing our industry
by delivering customized solutions to universal challenges.
We strive to set new standards for protection, risk analysis, intelligence, and investigations,
within the private and corporate sectors across the globe.
Together with our international partners, our expertise and peerless vision have been navigating
an increasingly complex world in full confidentiality, discretion, and trust, since 2012.

To prepare | To prevent To protect


Authority & Law Enforcement Liaison
Background Investigations
Brand Protection & Advisory
Close Protection for individuals, families, CEOs, politicians and diplomats
Corporate Investigations
Corporate Security
Crisis Management
Emergency Evacuation & Extraction
Event Security Coordination
Film & Media Consulting
Guard Force Management
Interim Security Management
IT Security Awareness
(hybrid between corporate security and IT security)
Open-source intelligence (OSINT)
Private Wealth Security Management
Family operated companies
Security Awareness Training
Secure Business Continuity & Planning
Security Coordination
Security Reviews
Staff Vetting
Physical Security Assessment
Risk Assessments
Risk Response
Travel Security
Among others
All services are curated according to client’s needs.
Please contact us for further details.

Key Staff

We source the optimal team & expertise required for the task
to meet the clients’ needs
With teams in both Copenhagen, London and New York, as well as associates worldwide, Praesidio Group’s staff is highly specialized and fulfills your complete protection, risk management, and investigative requirements throughout the world. Our unique insight and expertise are based on decades of working for, and developing personal
relationships with, US and UK law enforcement agencies, US and European Special Operation Forces, the military, and upper security officers within blue chip international corporations. Our professionals practice only the best of class methods within their specialized fields to bring the finest services to our customers.
Susanne Skov Diemer, Founder & CEO

A Risk Mitigation, Crisis Management, Intelligence and Security Specialist, Author & Advisor. Her extensive consulting and management experience stretches over her 25+ year career with previous bases in Washington D.C. and London. Susanne Skov Diemer is the recipient of various U.S. government awards for her work during her time with the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security. Her notable client base is amongst the top tier in the corporate and public sectors. She serves as an advisor for a global philanthropic charitable organization, NGO´s, and as security expert on the Advisory Committee for Protection Allied Cities against Terrorism in Securing Urban Areas within The European Forum for Urban Security. She is the author of two preparedness guides: ‘Your Urban Crisis Survival Planner’ (2021) and “Forbered dig bedst på det værste” (People’s, 2020).


Richard Klugman, Vice President
Responsible for the planning and implementation of security protocols for major political events, security consultations and risk assessments. Before joining Praesidio Group, he was a Special Agent at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (25 years), conducting cross border investigations of money laundering, narcotics, weapons, and dual-use items in 13 countries. He also served as a National Program Manager for the War Crimes Unit and led all outreach programs. He is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School (JD), the University of Maryland (BA in Criminology), and Rehavia Gymnasia Jerusalem (Bagrut). Honours include Amicus Curiae Investigator to the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals.


We encourage dialogue & discretion, privacy & ethics

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Copenhagen, Denmark
(+45) 31 55 45 25

Susanne Skov Diemer

Vice President
Richard Klugman

Senior Consultant
Mikkel Bjerregaard

Director, Great China
Louis Alexander

Brand Ambassador
Bente Schmeichel

Communications Director
Bonnie Thomsen

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