Introducing “Residential Security”

September 2, 2016
Henrik Stage

The darker side of wealth and spotlight are the associated and growing risks. Expats, families in the spotlight and wealthy families are more vulnerable to certain risks – theft, fraud, extortion and other security risks. Therefore Praesidio Group is launching a new “Secure & Safe Family programme” tailored to prevent, protect and meet the needs of families at special risk.

By reducing risks and increasing personal security, the well-being and safety of these families can be enhanced. The programme helps to protect, guide and assist families at risk with the optimum measurements, staff and equipment. 24 hours/365 days on a global, regional and domestic basis.

Services include prevention, protection and action in the following areas:

  • Secure staff
  • Secure residency
  • Secure travel
  • Secure children
  • Secure events
  • Secure technology
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Emergency hotline

Optimal protection for optimal life.

For further information: Residential Security