Praesidio Academy World Wide Open

March 11, 2019

We are pleased to announce that “Praesidio Academy” is now open worldwide! This international elite academy for special operations training and high performance has been exclusively for a closed circle of Special Forces. Now, with threats and risks increasing on a global scale, we are opening to selected corporations and privates.

The aim is to provide the very best techniques and physical, mental & awareness training at a corporate, professional and personal level to minimize risks and maximize prevention and protection of people, property and corporations.

Training, awareness and prevention are crucial and we are constantly re-designing and modifying our programs to adapt to the current and future global risks and security environment.

Our elite instructors come from backgrounds from US, UK and Danish special forces, security and police, assuring a unique know-how and competences, using best practice within all areas of risk management, corporate and personal security.

11 hectares of land In Denmark with a state-of-the-art military, security & training academy including a shooting range ready for plug and play in any shape and form. The training can also be set-up outside of Denmark to take advantage of real-life settings and risks, from big cities to the countryside.

Programs include: Shooting, driving, First Aid, self-defense, military training, VIP protection, administration, communication, intelligence & force protection, as well as corporate risk management, security surveillance detection, hostile environment awareness training, protection against and reacting to a terrorist attack, C-TPAT knowledge and application, travel security procedures.

The training is customized and tailored. It is client focused within a collaborative approach and flexible with changing circumstances such as altered risk and vulnerability levels.

We also organize action-packed events, formation, team building and tailored high pace missions around the globe. From warning to defense, from threat to protection.

For further information, please contact Founder & CEO, Susanne Skov Diemer or