Corporate Duty of Care

January 11, 2022

Why we should care and assure that essential staff is prepared for crises

Companies are purchasing my crisis guide ’Your Urban Crisis Survival Planner’ for their staff who travels, as well as for essential staff and crisis response teams. Why? Because they want to make sure their employees know, and do what they can, to prepare themselves and their families mentally, physically and practically for a local or global crisis.

Hereby, staff – and subsequently companies – are better prepared if a staff member is out of the country or required at work. Companies see it as their Corporate Duty of Care to make sure staff and their dependents are prepared and take the necessary steps to plan and talk about what to do if – or rather when – a crisis occurs, including mental preparedness, travel security, essential documents and contact details in print, emergency cash (in the event that credit cards can´t be used), among others.



Books, workshops, keynote speeches and consulting are awaiting to unfold for better duty of care for your company.
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