Vetting the future by detection, prevention and protection

January 25, 2021

Praesidio Group is strengthening its risk and security Screening, Vetting & Validation programme with Martin Schulze joining as new head and partner of Screening, Vetting & Validation.

“Martin is a long-time collaborator and we are delighted to welcome him on board to further strengthen our Vetting branch”, says Susanne Skov Diemer, Founder and CEO of Praesidio Group. “In a constantly changing world, where Security Vetting, Screening and Validation are as current and essential as ever before. With COVID-19 and MeToo unfolding, we are experiencing an increased need and demand for screening and vetting to better secure the future and reduce risks”.

Martin Schulze is a renowned business executive and a digitalization and compliance entrepreneur with decades of experience from the world of IT and business security & compliance.
“I have experienced first hand the high price and risks companies and organisations run, pay and take for lack of vetting and screening. The consequences are endangering the future for people and companies. My hope is that Screening and Vetting becomes an integrated part of company culture”, says Martin Schulze, Screening, Vetting & Validation partner in Praesidio Group.
“With COVID-19, we are seeing how recruiting to a high extend has become virtual, causing new risks making screening and vetting relevant in new ways, while the MeToo movement has proven the importance of vetting and validation. Vetting really is a fundamental tool to protect and secure a company´s future”.


Screening, Vetting & Validation programme
With the constant changes in the world, new risks arise. Praesidio Group aims to reduce them by detection, prevention, and protection, where screening and vetting play a vital role. With an extensive and global know-how and experience within Staff Vetting, Security Screening and Investigative Interviews, Praesidio Group is a partner to prevent, protect and secure. Screening, Vetting and Validation is much more than traditional staff vetting when hiring new key staff. It is screening potential risks and threats and people within a company, in partnerships, collaborations, projects and investments as well as suppliers and third parties.

“Security is often associated with fences, locks and codes, but really, it is all about people. Never underestimate the importance of the human impact on your company’s security scope. Only by including and securing people, can you protect your company’s know-how, research and confidential information – and future”, says Susanne Skov Diemer.
Praesidio Group works in close partnership with management and HR departments and customize services in full accordance with local and international legislation and cultures, while upholding the highest ethical principles and conduct.


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