New EU project with Praesidio Group as security partner

November 30, 2016
Henrik Stage

Praesidio Group has been appointed sole security advisor and partner of the large-scale EU funded project “MONICA” that aims to reduce the high level of sound and noise, maximize security and minimize risks at large events in Europe.

The sound and city venture kicks off in January 2017 and counts with EU funding of approx. €17 millions and 28 participants representing Denmark, France, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Greece and the UK.

The coming three years, international sound experts will aim to improve the sound at concerts and other large events, while also reducing sound and noise disturbances. From a security perspective, the project’s purpose is to minimize security risks among large crowds at events, concerts, demonstrations, sports games, etc. A mobile set-up will be created and tested in private and public sites in Copenhagen, Turin, Hamburg, Lyon, Bonn and Leeds.

“We are delighted and proud to be part of this innovative and significant EU project. Praesidio Group has a leading role as facilitator and security specialist to ensure mobile control and crowd management to monitor the security set-up with cutting-edge safety and security features and equipment for open spaces, where thousands of people gather”, says Susanne Diemer, founding partner and CEO of Praesidio Group.

“The purpose of the project is prevention, risk mitigation and to secure and assist with immediate technical and human measures, such as assistance in case of serious illness or assault in the crowd, uncover and respond to shooting or terrorist attacks, and ensure an immediate coordinated response for rapid persecution and arrest”, says Stiig Wæver, partner of Praesidio Group.

The ecosystems will be demonstrated in the scope of large scale city events and have general applicability for dynamically deploying smart city applications in numerous fixed locations, such as airports, traffic arterials, and construction sites.

MONICA is a massive scale platform capable of handling at least 10.000 simultaneous real end-users with wearable and portable sensors using existing and merging technologies based upon open standards and architectures.

For more information, please contact Bonnie Bagger, head of Press & Communication at
+45 30 48 98 56.