Praesidio opens an international office in London

March 9, 2017
Henrik Stage

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new office in the UK to better serve our growing international UK based cliental and introducing new focus areas: Female bodyguards, “The Secure Nanny Programme” and sport & event risk management.

“We look forward to further develop and support our international cliental, while also expanding partnerships and collaborations in the UK. London holds a special place in my heart, having been based there for many years, establishing a magnificent security and intelligence network”, says Susanne Skov Diemer, Founder & CEO of Praesidio Group.

The new office is located on Chancery Lane and Praesidio Group will offer a broad range of services within corporate security, investigation, consultancy and intelligence services to corporations, institutions, Governments, authorities and individuals, while also introducing three focus areas: Female bodyguards, “Secure Nanny Programme” and sport & event risk management.

Nowadays, the stereotype of a bodyguard being a large man wearing a suit, earpiece and sunglasses is inaccurate. More and more clients require full discretion, female bodyguards and their ability to blend in. “Especially when working with children, a female bodyguard is very discrete and can take children to the park, pick them up from school – without revealing that a bodyguard is in place causing unnecessary and unwanted attention”, says Susanne Skov Diemer. “The Secure Nanny Programme” aims to offer high-level nanny security training to meet families demand for discreet and caring protection, assuring both the well-being and safety of children, concurrently.

People within the sport and entertainment sector are experiencing increasing challenges with IT security, behavioral risks, media exposure, social engineering as well as physical protection. “From personal experience, I understand the threats and importance of risk assessment and family safety. I wish my family had had these services when living in the UK, facing the vulnerabilities, pressure and worries surrounding large events and sport. The spotlight and success come with temptation, jeopardy and concerns”, says Bente Schmeichel of Praesidio Group.

Praesidio Group is highly dedicated to family protection and sport & event management and has designed these special programmes to better secure and support families, individuals and audiences in the UK and internationally.

For further information, please contact:
Susanne Skov Diemer
Bente Schmeichel