EU project launches with Praesidio Group

January 26, 2017
Henrik Stage

The EU sound and city venture, MONICA has officially kicked off this week with all 28 partners gathered in Bonn.

The project is dedicated to improving sound and security at large crowd events; international sound and technology experts are looking to find solutions to control and reduce noise disturbances, while also optimizing crowd control and security.

A technological mobile set-up is being created and will be assessed throughout 2017 at private and public places in Copenhagen, Torino, Hamburg, Lyon, Bonn and Leeds.

From a security perspective, the purpose is to maximize crowd control and security among large crowds at events, concerts, demonstrations, sports games, etc.

This 3 year project has a budget of €15 million and 28 participants representing Denmark, France, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Greece and the UK.        
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