Introducing Praesidio’s Training Department

April 13, 2017
Henrik Stage

The demand for security training due to terrorism, security threats, espionage and fraud is of current and increasing significance. Improved preventative methods through training, and a better understanding of the ability to be reactive is crucial in reinforcing employment, public safety activities, duty of care, the security of people, facilities, venues, brands, and therefore company success and business continuity.

Due to a growing demand from clients and current global security threats, we have established a Training Department to further strengthen our ability to support clients fully within corporate and physical security. Being preventive is much more efficient than being reactive – and training is a tremendous tool”, says Susanne Skov Diemer.

Praesidio Group has prosecuted training programmes worldwide and has developed best practices within many areas of risk management and corporate security, and continues to develop new training programmes in order to continuously adapt to the current and future global risk and security situation.  


Our training programmes target governments, corporations, international organisations, NGO’s and individuals and cover the following areas:

  • Corporate executives, directors and management.
  • Executive advice on protection.
  • Guard management and application.
  • VIP protection.
  • C-TPAT Knowledge and Application.
  • Counter Terrorism. Techniques to ensure the right level of corporate protection and implementation  to assist corporations in best practice.
  • Executive protection and advisory services.

The overall aim is a comprehensive security based service to provide confidence and protection to clients across a wide range of service requirements including security awareness and the protection of highly populated venues such as shopping malls, private social events, sporting events and concerts, either open air or within arenas. 

Head of Training, James Withington

James Withington is a highly regarded senior security consultant and an expert in the development of bespoke security related training. His military background and 40 years of experience and expertise within the risk management and security arena with a direct emphasis on training, has seen him operating and delivering in many parts of the world.

We are delighted and proud to have James on board. His longstanding and outstanding track record  combined with Praesidio Group´s expertise is the optimal match to face current global security threats”, says Susanne Diemer.

‘My purpose is to raise the bar for security related training on a global scale. Training is an essential element in the understanding and analysis of current and future threats. The prosecution of an effective risk and security management training regime and the ability to apply successful security methods and procedures, all within a fully flexible approach, is essential. Training must be bespoke, imparted robustly and with credibility, be wholly relevant and directed to the right audiences at the right time”, says James Withington.