Preparing Danish citizens best for the worst

December 1, 2022

The Association of Emergency Preparedness is introducing preparedness citizens’ symposiums in collaboration with Susanne Skov Diemer, based on her book ‘Forbered dig bedst på det værste’ (How to prepare best for the worst) – a crisis guide on how to prepare and protect yourself and your family during crises, disasters, and power cuts. Among the key topics is how citizens should be able to manage for 72 hours with the most necessary supplies.

As the world and the threats, risks and crises we are facing are constantly changing, citizens preparedness is crucial. We need to prepare, take joint responsibility, and assist the national emergency services so they can do their job, aiding the people who needs it the most.

‘We educate and train citizens to prevent accidents and inform them about crises, threats and preventive methods. Seen in the light of the current, complex threats that the world is facing, it is of crucial importance that the population has an increased risk awareness and insight – and not least know how we as citizens should act when crises or accidents occur. With the collaboration with Susanne Skov Diemer, we are equipping citizens’ preparedness by preparing them best for the worst’, Carsten Iversen, Director, Emergency Management Association.

‘We experience attacks on our infrastructure, war, crises and natural & climate threats. It is a shared responsibility and as citizens, we must contribute and prepare ourselves. With my crisis preparedness guide, the first of its kind in Denmark, and this collaboration, we can reach more citizens and democratize the Emergency Management Association’s and my expertise and expert knowledge from decades of work in crisis management, intelligence, and security. This way, we create a more resilient Denmark’, Susanne Skov Diemer, security and crisis specialist.

The aim of the collaboration is to prepare Danish citizens for a crisis, if ‘Denmark tomorrow does not look like it does today’.

An international and extended version of the book is available in English ‘Your Urban Crisis Survival Planner’ on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, among others.