“China Desk” launch to explore business opportunities

March 3, 2017
Henrik Stage

With China’s economy expected to overtake the U.S. economy in the nearest future, China is as relevant as ever before for international businesses. Praesidio Group is therefore pleased to announce the launch of our “China Desk” to assist corporates in managing business risks.

The creation of “China Desk” aims to meet the market´s demand for:
-Securing a solid strategic plan for the Chinese market to control and support corporates’ subsidiary/partners in China.
-Develop and support enterprise risk assessment and management.
-Support the strategic development for public affairs efforts.
-Negotiation assistance for optimal business solutions & agreements.

“For many international corporations doing business in China is unavoidable – and also risky business. Our team of China experts are on hand to assist and advise foreign businesses entering the Chinese market or facing difficulties in China”, says Susanne Skov Diemer, Founder & CEO of Praesidio Group. “The incredible business opportunities awaiting in China shouldn’t be missed due to threats, risks or inexperience. Praesidio Group looks forward to breaking down barriers and ensuring financial gains to our clients”.

China Desk
Praesidio Group has vital local know-how, awareness and understanding to meet companies’ challenges and risks.
Consequently, we have established the following services in China:
-Coordination and planning of business trips to facilitate optimal and potential suppliers and business partners.
-Assist in venue scouting and mapping out a project.
-Due diligence process, secure logistic, transportation, on-site management, risk mitigation, relocation service and local authorities navigation.
-Minimizing risks in all aspects of interaction with Chinese authorities, business partners and suppliers: Logistic, production, finance, administration, HR, security, insurance, CSR etc.
-Daily operations assistance: Logistics, supplies, transport, among others, to avoid disturbances, assuring delivery, quality and timeframe.
-Corporate security governess, secure business optimizing and protection, investigation to increase turnovers and preventive measures for counterfeit production, industrial e-spionage and fraudulent & corrupt activity.
-Executive protection, travel security and security awareness training.
-IT & information security and protection.
-Cultural understanding and secure mitigation.
-C-TPAT compliancy and training, understanding & auditing.

Business prospects
There are more than 500,000 foreign companies registered in China and even though China has started to open up its economy in some areas, there are still restrictions on foreign companies operations and local companies are under stronger political protection, including from local courts.
The Chinese government is currently looking to rebalance the economy away from investment-led growth towards consumption. This emerging focus on innovation, high-end consumer goods and services represents a significant opportunity for international corporations.

Risk assessment
Corruption, bribery, fraud and raw material prices are some of the main challenges that our “China Desk” can assist with. Other issues to consider and consult:
Government control
An increasing number of strict regulations on the way business can be done in China.
Inconsistent interpretation of rules and regulations
The enforcement of the compliance regulations can differ for international corporations and local competitors.
Recruitment issues
There is a lack of skilled employees and talent management is expected to be even more challenging in coming years.
Lack of transparency
Commission payments to agents and other third parties are common and can be challenging.
Money in and out of China
Putting money into or getting money out of China can take a long time to be approved due to wary regulation of capital to manage currency speculation.

For more information, please contact Susanne Skov Diemer, susanne.diemer@praesidiogroup.com