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Workshop to prepare yourself best for the worst

Is your company, home an loved ones prepared for a potential crisis, emergency or disaster? CEO Susanne Skov Diemer guides your safely through the most relevant potential crisis and how to best prepare.

Which catastrophes, disasters and crisis should you prepare for? How can you reduce the consequences during and after? How can we all contribute to the safety and well being of ourselves and loved ones with all the Dos & Don’ts and the stories behind them?

The workshop is based on almost 3 decades of personal and professional experience and training in the international security elite. Susanne Skov Diemer shares her best advice, personal anecdotes, practical recommendations, lessons-learned, dos and don’ts and the whys – from printing your medical journals in case of a blackout to the more psychological aspects to avoid and reduce stress, panic and worries that cause more damage.It is a step-by step journey through risks, common mistakes and case studies.

Participants will gain a crucial awareness of potential threats and an understanding of what we can all do to prepare ourselves, and why and how we can take responsibility in order to better get through current and future crisis together.

Prevention, preparedness and awareness are key in this urban survival guide workshop on how to stay safe and (relatively) sane in case of a crisis, emergency or disaster. It´s informative, entertaining and preparing – inspirational, relevant and preventive with plenty of food for thought.

There are individual and group assignments, tailored and personalised in all aspects with content, exercise and best practice and to-do lists. What to do – and what not to do! How you avoid panic buying and other unnecessary inconveniences for yourself, your loved ones, and fellow citizens.

Workshops are tailored: Content, duration, number of participants.

Duration: 1, 2, 4 or 8 hors.

Participants: Individuals, families or groups. For larger groups keynote speeches are available and recommended.

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