The risk of hacking, exploitation and sabotage remains an ever-increasing occurrence. Consequently, we provide security consulting based on the current and changing business requirements and security challenges.

Information Security Compliance
We ensure business continuity by applying tailored roadmaps that enable you to protect your business data.

Vulnerability Assessments & Testing
With the use of the latest tools and harness best practice from within the cyber security sector, we provide thorough vulnerability scans, and safe vulnerability/penetration tests.
• Vulnerability Assessments: Enables your business to accurately identify IT security risks and methods to re-mediate the risks with the most optimal methods.
• Vulnerability Tests: A rigorous analysis of vulnerabilities present within IT systems, and their susceptibility to potential exploitation.

Cyber Protection & Assurance
Our Protection & Assurance services provide the means to develop, implement and manage a successful security strategy and culture driven by the continuous identification and classification of vulnerable assets and the appropriate security required.
• DDoS Protection: Developing strict acces control lists, anti-DDoS platforms, firewalls and anti-virus systems to reduce threats.
• Security Policy Development & Management: Producing effective IT security policies designed to safeguard sensitive data and systems.
• Data Security & Classification: Ensuring correct and resourceful allocation of security resources for sensitive information.
• Cyber Security Audits: A comprehensive analysis of IT infrastructure ,exposing vulnerabilities, weaknesses and high risk practices.
• Cyber Incident Response: Responding immediately to contain cyber-related incidents and coordinating the appropriate response.

Bespoke evaluations and recommendations to ensure an efficient and effective management of information security and cyber risks, compliance and governance.

• EU General Data Protection Regulation: Timely and flexible assistance, guiding businesses safely through the implementation of the EU GDPR coming into effect on 25 May 2018.
• ISO 27001: Information security and cyber experts helping businesses to implement ISO 27001-compliant solutions and prepare them to attain certification.

Digital Forensics
We are qualified to conduct Digital Forensic Investigations in full compliance with the regulations set out by the UK’s Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) – the benchmark for all law enforcement digital forensic investigations internationally.
• Computer Forensics: With the latest forensics examination methodologies, we ensure the highest quality of investigations and reporting, highlighting information of investigative interest.
• Mobile Forensics: Our highly trained experts, examine, extract and present evidence from mobile phone devices.

Cyber Intelligence
We provide accurate and timely intelligence that allows you to identify and mitigate cyber threats with the implications and attack methodolo- gies they employ to steal sensitive data and information.
• Global Cyber Threat Intelligence: Highlights cyber threats and the significance of the risks they pose.
• Tactical Cyber Threat Intelligence: Collecting tactical data from privileged information sources to provide you with a greater visibility of the pertinent threats.
• Cyber Threat Hunting: Proactively searching through networks and datasets to detect threats that can evade traditional threat detection tools.
• Cyber Surveillance & Investigations: Monitoring all depths of the Internet to help protect business reputation and staff from cyber-related crime.

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