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Tony Judge served 23 years with the British Army, 17 of those years in the Intelligence Corps. After his military career, He joined British American Tobacco (China,) part of the world’s second largest tobacco company as CSO and was also engaged as CSO for British American Tobacco (BAT) South East Europe.

Tony’s broad experience of security operations in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and other CIS countries, China and other countries in the Far East, Australia and Brazil, and of working with teams from widely differing environments, coupled with a flair for foreign languages, enables him to bring cultural sensitivity to his assignments and tailor his approach to working with colleagues from widely differing backgrounds. 

Tony is knowledgeable in all areas of business security and in the integration of all types of security measures into general business policy and practice to ensure, as far as is possible, effective corporate security with the minimum of added friction to business operations.

In China he was responsible for planning security for a major green-field operation, which included production, distribution, and sales operations. Tony’s commercial security experience includes security surveys, audits and inspections and security policy development, Risk Management, including Risk Assessments, Emergency, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity planning and policy development, Information and IT security planning and policy development, and production, operations and logistics security, and associated training. He was a member of the Crisis Management Team in BAT China during the SARS crisis.

Tony is also well versed in anti-counterfeit and anti-illicit trading operations in Europe and Asia. He has supervised the installation of physical and IT security equipment and systems, developed and implemented new policies and procedures and trained and educated (non-technical,) staff in the use of the new systems. 

He speaks English, Chinese, Greek, German and Serbo-Croat, (and therefore some Bulgarian,) with some knowledge of a smattering of other languages. 

Tony is the lead instructor on the BurrillGreen Corporate Security Business School’s 3-day course: Value from Security – The Fundamentals. 

Client companies regularly use Tony’s services to coach and mentor country security managers to ensure that all the fundamentals for fit for purpose security are in place. Usually, Tony is attached to the company concerned for periods varying from one week to 6 months.