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Great Leadership and High Performance Team

It’s all about leadership and execution

Results are made through strong leaders and strong teams


A team specialists from military units, elite sports and business life. We train leaders and develop teams, and have done so with more than 1000 leaders and 10.000 teams.


We look at behaviour in order to optimise the performance of a team. We develop leaders and teams to be able to do the following:
Retain focus when working on a task
Make effective decisions
Have clear communication and be able to give feedback.
Have the will and ability to adapt in a dynamic work environment
Quick execution
Keep momentum, being agile


We have a practical approach to the development of leaders and teams, with inspiration from military techniques and mental tools, where the behaviour in a team and from a leaders is optimized so that the effect is immediate.


Many years of experience with:
Optimization of existing teams and leaders
Development of new leaders
Assembling new teams
Integrating new members into existing teams
Revitalizing teams

First mover’s advantage, Special Forces Team

The one who attack, will always have the advantage

(when you move towards the enemy, you must attack, that gives you the 1/10 of a second of advantage, enough to win the battle)
Think differently
Dare to challenge
Move first
Increase the momentum
Be effective
Always finish the mission


The effect of developing high performance leaders and teams

Developing Leaders and teams towards becoming a high performance teamwill achieve the following:
Innovation, commitment and motivation of the individal team members
Ensure knowledge sharing and the reduction of silo mentality
Create a culture for clear and precise communication
Optimize the teams performance and ability to execute
Create clear roles in the team
Reduction of the indivudual team members level of stress


You as a Leader must lead the Team – Drive Leadership

Building Leadership

Culture – Module 1: Definition

The team is defined by its purpose, position, culture and ambition as well as roles and responsibility

Communication – Module 2: Interaction

The interaction within the team is improved through a focus on communication, decion making processes and task solving.

Optimization – Module 3: Feedback

Feedback processes within the team are developed to ensure individual and team feedback.

Direction – Module 4: Framework

Task solving is optimized by setting up common framework around the criteria for success, foundation and direction.

Motivation – Modul 5: Driver

Progress is secured through motivation and incentive within the team and the teams individuals.

Team development


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