Advanced mobile technology

Kaymera is the most sophisticated and secure defence system within mobile security, and we are delighted to be their representative, as we are experiencing a critical demand for optimized security technology to protect our clients.

The world is facing a strong increase in attacks on mobile devices that are alarmingly easy to tap and access. Cyber criminals have shifted from targeting computers to targeting mobile devices and smartphones have become the ultimate intelligence tool.

Kaymera is essential to secure mobile communication and data and to prevent leakage, cyber espionage, cyber attack, industrial espionage, tapping and surveillance. It is a 360° mobile defence system that detects, prevents and protects against all mobile security threats via a comprehensive subscription service.

”The anti-spy android OS made by the hottest Iphone hackers in surveillance”, according to Forbes magazine. Kaymera was founded by veterans in the cyber security industry with in depth knowledge and expertise in mobile security and cyber-attack methods to assess and breach stringent security measures.

Kaymera strikes the balance between security and usability, and raises the bar significantly providing a crucial 4-layered defense approach:


The strongest encryption available of data-at-rest as well as data-in motion. Every call, message and data transmission is transferred via an encrypted channel. Data sits on the device in an encrypted form. It protects all data stored on the phone, and all traffic from and to the device, whether voice, data or messaging, from network sniffing and man-in-the-middle attacks.


Protects against communication interception and data extraction threats, while filtering out the vast majority of Trojan horse and malware types. Kaymera also protects against all device penetration vectors, both virtual and physical, and maintains the security of data and encrypts all communication types.
Secures the device’s external interfaces, from WiFi, cellular, USB, NFC, Bluetooth to web, monitoring and block all malicious downloads and exploits.


Monitors unauthorized attempts to access OS functions. A firewall looks at traffic passing between apps and the device to detect potentially malicious activity. Any unauthorized attempts, processes or applications that try to access the device’s resources (microphone, camera or GPS) or stored data with a malicious intent, are obstructed.

Kaymera has rewritten the permissions process for apps by monitoring every process on the device and blocking the suspicious processes. The user is enabled to grant permissions; the Kaymera software tricks the app into believing it has been given permission to grab certain data or use phone resources, when they have in fact been blocked.

Detection and Enforcement layer

Monitors, detects and blocking malicious code or misbehaving apps.
The WiFi network, data channels and cellular network are constantly being scanned for anomalies, and also detects anomalies of applications and processes on the device itself. It uncovers other odd behavior and runs user-defined policies, and monitors and detects malicious code, app misbehavior, surpassed risk level thresholds, data interception and extraction attacks.

It automatically actions countermeasures based on the device’s risk level and security posture and has real time attack detection.

According to Avi Rosen, CEO of Kaymera, “many organizations are not fully aware of how easy it is to access data or intercept communications from mobile devices, yet a recent Ponemon Institute study of Global 2000 companies found that 67% had experienced a breach from mobile devices”.

For further information about product, service and price, please contact
Praesidio Group at kaymera@praesidiogroup.com  +45 31 64 14 88.