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Kidnap for Ransom is one of the most extreme of crises. When either a private individual or a corporate employee is taken, it is an extremely challenging task for the family or corporation.

Not only is the most vital of values at stake, a human life, but also the opponent holds all the cards. Historically “Hard Cash” was the only currency the criminals or terrorists would trade in – now we see a terrifying new trend.
Lately there has been a change in that modus operandi. More often than not, the criminals now seek to swap human life for either information or actions. Tiger-kidnappings has also been more frequent the past few years.

We are also experiencing that it is not necessarily humans that are taken, but the corporate IT-infrastructure or data, which has been “kidnapped”. Whether it is human lives, IT- infrastructure or company data that is at risk, it is a very challenging crisis for any given company or family.
This is why it takes professional support and training to handle such a crisis and to get back on the feet as quickly as possible.

Please see our material on Crisis Management, Risk Response, training & seminars to learn more about how we can help you and your company.

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