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Our staff supports and solves mission-critical security problems with global reaching security expertise, benchmarked experience and innovation that benefits and enables the Head of Security and his/her team to protect their company’s reputation, product, facilities or employees. We have the proven background to advise corporations, the financial industry, international law firms, universities, foundations and NGO’s.

Our Due Diligence processes are aligned with US and European security and intelligence service’s standards. Our emergency action planning and business continuity planning are based on US Department of State’s embassy and consulate evacuation protocols and standards.

Praesidio provides temporary security directors or professional security experts to corporations, organizations and NGOs, which do not want the overhead of permanent security professionals on their staff – but still need their expertise in accomplishing their goals. For example during major events, due diligence or heighten security periods where the organization feels that it needs outside support that could last for days, weeks, months – or even a year or two.

Our Interim Managers have US and European senior executive experience with agencies such as US Diplomatic Security Service, US Secret Service, FBI and various national intelligence services.  The majority of these executives have also been corporate security professionals. Together, we assess your needs and provide the suitable candidate(s).


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