Exclusive high-level security intelligence reports

February 8, 2017
Henrik Stage

We are constantly tracking shifting security terrain, defining the global corporate panorama and meeting our clients’ growing demands for secure business intelligence. Consequently, we are launching the security intelligence reports providing strategic and tactical risk assessments with critical in-depth information, which can affect business operations and diplomatic activities in any geographical and business area.

Country/City Risk Reports
A comprehensive round-up analysis of current key matters, detecting risks to business operation and travel: The security, geo-political and social risk development affecting the region. Available for Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America & Africa. 

Alert: Incident Assessments Reports
Surveillance of incidents around the world of activities and incidents that are likely to affect business environment, corporate activities and safety. Reports respond to high strategic, operational and tactical events by producing informative intelligence assessments of: Geo-political developments and unrest, public disorder and violence, terrorism and organized crime activity. Overall analysis of the risks.

Bespoke Reports
Based on client’s requirements, Praesidio Group produces exclusive and confidential reports. Reports are conducted through collection and analysis of tactical incident data.

4 key advantages of security intelligence reports

Instant detection and threat prevention
Security intelligence solutions address the multifaceted reality and fast changing risks, helping businesses detect and remediate breaches faster by correlating vast data volumes. It includes i.e. tailored assessment of information, configuration of data and vulnerability information enclosing the following factors: Economy, politics, trade, culture, history and occurrences. Reports are based purely on intelligence facts.

Improved compliance
Complying with the most accurate and significant accountabilities increase security posture. Security intelligence defines and monitors preventative and relevant information; business factors, accountability, transparency and measurability, while delivering practical value through selected reporting of relevant risks, threats, logs, events, etc.

Pre-exploit risk reduction
The reports configure, audit, monitor, prioritize and identify vulnerabilities from a broad and accurate set of inputs to significantly strengthened security and reduce risk posture.

Streamline operations
The reports guide clients to simplify and reduce unnecessary effort in order to achieve greater efficiency and target actions that will be reflected in business continuity and turnover.

It is about tactical intelligence, operational intelligence and strategic intelligence.

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