December 24, 2016
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For Praesidio Group 2016 has been an exciting year, which has taken us far afield to interesting projects, new ventures, geographical regions and prosperous partnerships.

Praesidio Group is appointed security advisor and partner of the EU project “MONICA” launching in 2017
The aim is to reduce the high level of sound & noise, maximize security and minimize risks with the latest technology at large events in Europe.The project will run for 3 years with EU funding of approx. €17 millions and 28 participants representing Denmark, France, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Greece and the UK.
Praesidio Group has a leading role as facilitator and security specialist to ensure mobile control and crowd management to monitor the security set-up with cutting-edge safety & security features and equipment for open spaces, where thousands of people gather.
For further information MONICA

Expansion of our Asian presence
We are expanding further in Asia establishing a permanent office in Bangkok, focusing on international corporate clients all over Asia. Our services include, but are not limited to: Executive advisory, local risk evaluations, security consultancy – full time and interim management, fraud and corruption, risk management, staff vetting, personal security and event management.
Asian expansion
Rising mobile cyber threats
The world is facing a strong increase in attacks on mobile devices: Cyber criminals have shifted from targeting computers to targeting mobile devices that are alarmingly easy to tap, access, trace and attack.
Praesidio Group has joined forces with Kaymera – the most sophisticated and secure defense system within mobile security – to protect our clients and meet their demand for optimized security technology to mitigate mobile data theft and leakage, cyber espionage, cyber attacks, industrial espionage, tapping and surveillance.
Staff Vetting
This year, we have all seen numerous incidents in the media within the private and public sector that could have been avoided with the proper recruitment procedures of new staff.
There has been an increasing demand for Praesidio´s specialized methodology within staff vetting, investigative interviews, HR and international executive. 
Staff Vetting

Stiig Wæver has done numerous of corporate security lectures this year in Asia and Europe. A few to mention are The Confederation of Danish Industry DI) in Copenhagen, business network in London and most recently at the Danish Embassy in Thailand, who hosted a seminar together with Praesidio Group.
The theme was “How to manage corporate crisis” centering around risk assessment, security threats, and risk prevention methods for international companies in Asia.

We are celebrating our first year as founding partner of MITIGATUM with a new representation in South Africa and a solid pipeline of representations starting up globally in 2017.
MITIGATUM is the sole security and testing provider for the British Overseas Security Services (BOSS) certification – a globally recognized risk and security assessment for companies, based on British Standards and compliance with global security standards.

Warm welcome to Bente Schmeichel
In 2016, Bente Schmeichel joined us as our new vice president global with a primary focus on developing new customer relations. We are delighted to have her on board.

With our best wishes for a joyful 2017.